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docbook-apps message

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Subject: Docbook2odf (sourceforge.net) released today in version 20060201

Simple project page: http://docbook2odf.sourceforge.net/

  * new: better styles in presentation
  * new: <itemizedlist> support in presentation
  * fix: rewrited styles <itemizedlist> in document
  * fix: few changes in presentation styles (cleaning)
  * new: <para> in presentation
  * fix: problems with <text:p> in <text:p> (when i need to create 
<text:p> and parrent is <para>)
  * new: Basic presentation support (title, foilgroup, foil, basic elements)
  * new: CI support in presentation
  * new: in presentation support for three master-pages (title, 
foilgroup, foil)

I would like to ask anyone who downloaded docbook2odf from sf.net, to
send any requests, feedback, bugs to me.

Thanx :))

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