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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Keep a table from splitting across pages


You wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> The snapshot build process seems to be broken.  All but three of the files
> in fo directory of the latest snapshot (16 Feb 2006) are dated prior to 16
> May 2005.  The fo/param.xsl file is dated 15 April 2005, and the
> html/param.xsl is dated 30 March 2005, but those files are built whenever a
> parameter changes.  That is way wrong.

I've downloaded and checked the latest snapshot zip file and the
build files themselves and can't seen any problems. In the lastest
zip file I checked (VERSION = 2006-02-16_15:02_snapshot", unique
ID = "E1F9s83-0004uG-9a"), the fo/param.xsl and html/param.xsl
files are timestamped "2006-02-16 17:18" and "2006-02-16 17:10".



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