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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] xsltproc xpath undefined variable segfault on Docbook containing <footnote>

Chris Chiasson <chris@chiasson.name> writes:

> xsltproc is crashing on one of my books that has a footnote. It says
> the stylesheet (docbook-xsl-1.69.1) has an XPath error with an
> In an attempt to get around the xsltproc 1.15 problem of not handling
> footnotes and the xsltproc 1.14 problem of note being compatable with
> another package on my system, I'm using the 2006-03-11 snapshot of
> xsltproc.
> Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Sounds like you've already fixed it by upgrading your xsltproc.

The error you're seeing is caused by a bug in libxslt 1.15 that
can't be worked around. The only fix is upgrading to 1.16 or later.


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