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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] DocBook XSL, DocBook 5, and Xalan

Elliotte Harold <elharo@metalab.unc.edu> writes:

> Michael(tm) Smith wrote:
> >>That would explain it. Hmm, I wonder what's easier:
> >>
> >>A) Fixing Xalan
> >>B) Hacking all the stylesheets so they work around this bug
> >>C) Switching to Saxon
> >So, yeah, I think C may best way to go.
> >
> Option C (Saxon) doesn't seem to work either. After adding a few 
> xsl:message elements to the stylesheet to find out what's going on, 
> Here's what I get:
> xhtml:
>      [xslt] Processing 
> /Users/elharo/Projects/workspace/JDR/Java_Course_Notes.xml to 
> /Users/elharo/Projects/workspace/JDR/Java_Course_Notes.xhtml
>      [xslt] Loading stylesheet /opt/xml/docbook-xsl/xhtml/docbook.xsl
>      [xslt] Node-set available:  true
>      [xslt] Using DocBook namespace:  true
>      [xslt] Root element namespace:  http://docbook.org/ns/docbook
>      [xslt] SAXON 6.5.5 from Michael Kay
>      [xslt] Stripping NS from DocBook 5/NG document.
>      [xslt] Processing stripped document.
>      [xslt] Node-set available:  true
>      [xslt] Using DocBook namespace:  false
>      [xslt] Root element namespace:  http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml
>      [xslt] SAXON 6.5.5 from Michael Kay
>      [xslt] Can't strip the DocBook 5 namespace. Output will suck.
>      [xslt] Messages output
>      [xslt] Request for title of element with no title: book
>      [xslt] No template matches book.
>      [xslt] No template matches title in book.
>      [xslt] No template matches info in book.
>      [xslt] No template matches author in info.
> ...
> So it seems like Saxon can find the node-set function, and it does strip 
> the DocBook namespace. However, somehow it gets back into the template a 
> second time where it picks up the output namespace instead of the input 
> namespace. Weird.

I just tested with 1.69.1 and got basically the same result as
you. So the namespace-stripping appears to be broken in 1.69.1,
regardless of what XSLT engine you try with (Saxon and xsltproc
are what I've tested). I'm not sure why it's broken, though.

But it is working as expected for me when I test with the latest
snapshot -


So if possible, please test with the snapshot and see if you get
the same problem. I'll take a look at what's in 1.69.1 and try to
figure out if there's a work around, but I doubt there is.



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