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Subject: DocBook XML and helpsets

I've just worked through a project for which I generated a JavaHelp
helpset from my source doc via the DocBook XSL. Now, moving forward, for
various reasons we are likely to switch our application from being a
Java client app to a Ajax-style web app that will run in Mozilla and IE.

It's been a while since I was using RoboHelp for making help systems and
I'm a bit fuzzy on where or not there are any other decent frameworks
within which one can display help-like content in any browser. Microsoft
WinHelp and HTMLHelp are out because they require the Microsoft
help-viewing machinery; so is JavaHelp and OracleHelp; I know of a
Mozilla Help Viewer but it's usable just in Mozilla... Netscape Help
died a long time ago as far as I can tell...

The closest thing I've seen to what I want is the WebHelp framework that
RoboHelp made, but last I messed with it (almost two years ago) it was
fairly buggy and proprietary to whit. I can't seem to find any
open-source type of help frameworks like this using JavaScript.

What are people using these days? I notice that, for example, Google
Maps has a help system that basically looks more like a traditional web
site, sans the collapsing/expanding TOC and other helpset niceties...
Maybe that's my best bet...

Any tips or advice from anyone doing similar things?


Alan C. Oehler
Sr. Technical Writer
XenSource, Inc.

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