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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: Annotating PDF files


I am not sure if it is helpful, but itext allows to generate documents
with annotations. An example is here:


Still, I do not know how to use itext to annotate existing documents.

There are some tools available that can add content to existing
postscript files (usually they are called pseudo-postscript-editors, as
they can only add, not modify existing content), and e.g. Scribus can
load pdf files and edit. Still this is not what you want, as you want to
write annotations in Acrobat Reader.

One workaround I heard of is to use a dummy pdf that allows annotations
and add your pages to this document. The permissions won't be changed,
so the whole document can be annotated later. This might be a solution
with docbook, as you could simply attach your docbook-pdf output to the
(empty) page. To create the page, it may be possible to use itext
mentioned above. To add pages to an existing pdf, I use pdftk, but there
are many free tools.

I have not tried this, it is just to help you find a way, as it would
definitively be an interesting feature!

Good luck, CU Lars.

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