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Subject: Microsoft AP Help and DocBook


I was wondering if anyone on this list knows of AP Help, which is
Microsoft's new help format slated for inclusion with Windows Vista, and
its implication with DocBook, more specifically, whether DocBook can be
used to produce an AP Help as an output just like it currently does with
HTML Help.


My organization is in the process of migrating from FrameMaker to
DocBook for all our documentation and help file authoring.  Everything
looks perfect except this MS's new help format called AP Help whose
compatibility with DocBook is still not too clear to us.

Since the AP Help uses an XML schema called MAML, in theory it's just a
matter of writing a good XSL stylesheet from DocBook to MAML.  But I was
just wondering if anyone has more info with regard to AP Help/MAML and
its relationship with DocBook.

Thanks in advance,

Kohei Yoshida, Software Engineer
SlickEdit Inc. [ http://www.slickedit.com/ ]

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