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Subject: svg figure role

Dear docbook-apps,

I am trying to make an svg file appear in xhtml output and a png file
appear in html output. I don't believe I have any profile.role =
blahblah statements in my customization layer or on the command line.
When I order the png image first (along with the html role statement),
both xhtml and html output contain the png file. When I order the svg
image first (along with the xhtml role statement) both xhtml and html
output contain a blank spot where the svg should be. I'm using docbook
xsl 1.69.1.

****What's going on here?? How do I make the svg and xhtml pair up
while also pairing the png and html?? Why isn't the svg rendering at

note: the files are linked at the bottom.

        <title>Vacuum Flask</title>
          <imageobject role="html">
          <imageobject role="xhtml">
          <imageobject role="fo">

Here are links to the relevant files:

Thank you for your help,

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