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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: How to scale image so it will fit on a PDF page while conserving the initial ratio?

I tried your settings but unfortunately, it did not work. The image in the PDF is out of ratio.

I am going to attach with this email all files that I have. Hope that you can help.
Inside ScalingImage.zip, there are:
	MinTestPDF.pdf( the result)
	MinGenerate.bat( commands to generate PDF )
	MinTestPDF.xml( Docbook data file )
	MinMyDocBook.xsl( custom layer )

Xuan Ngo

--- Igor Rosenberg <Igor.Rosenberg@sophia.inria.fr> wrote:

> Hullo,
> I'm no expert, but I have successfully been resizing images, by using 
> the following construct
>    <mediaobject>
>      <imageobject>
>        <imagedata
>          fileref="big_image.png"
>          format="PNG"
>          contentwidth="100"
>          width="6in"/>
>      </imageobject>
>    </mediaobject>
> Combined, as stated in the page you mentionned, with "set the stylesheet 
> parameter ignore.image.scaling to a non-zero value" for the html output, 
>   I get images that fit within the page width for fop output, and at 
> original size in html. I have had problems with some images being taller 
> than page height though... Hard coding the width allows you to have the 
> width fitting the page, and it keeps the ratio.
> Hope this can be a suitable solution for you
> Igor
> Xuan Ngo wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > How to scale image so it will fit on a PDF page while conserving the initial ratio?
> > The original size of the image that I scaled is 1152 width x100 height.
> > After reading this web page http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/ImageSizing.html, 
> > I have put the following attributes:
> > <imagedata contentdepth="100%" fileref="HugeWidth.bmp" scalefit="1" width="100%" />
> > 
> > The newly created image in the generated PDF file doesn't have the same ratio as the original.
> > Tools used:
> >    -xsltproc.exe
> >    -FOP 0.91Beta
> >    -Docbook-xsl v1.69.1
> > 
> > Can some1 help!
> > Thx!
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