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Subject: Olinking and Chunked HTML Transformations

docbook-rng-5.0b5 docbook-xsl-snapshot (current) oxygenxml-7.1.0 ( eclipse-3.1.2 plugin )


A little confused implementing internal olinks within chunked html transformations.


Consider the following olink element:


<olink targetdoc="foo" targetptr="bar"/>


Targetdoc is a required property. How is targetdoc applied in the context of a chunked html transformation where the olink resolves to a target within the same transformation? Extracting targetdoc info from preprocessed target.db output can be a maintenance nightmare in a rapidly evolving docbook project.


Have Bob Stayton’s excellent book (purchased a copy) but upon reviewing olink sections, remain unsuccessful in olink resolution within chunked html transformations.


Examples, including usage of stringparms target.database.document, targets.filename and use.local.olink.style, would be greatly appreciated.



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