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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Olinking and Chunked HTML Transformations

> collect.xref.targets="yes"

> target.database.document="olinkdb.xml"

> targets.filename="target.db"  (this is the default value)

> current.docid="foo"



> Contents of olinkdb.xml:


> <?xml version="1.0"?>

> <!DOCTYPE targetset [
> <!ENTITY data SYSTEM "target.db">
> ]>
> <targetset>

>  <document targetdoc="foo">

>    &data;

>  </document>

> </targetset>



Encountered a problem with the generated target.db file (seem to recall this issue previously occurring)

Validation complains about the <i> tags and the extended characters embedded in the <xreftext> tags.

Don’t quite understand the <href> content either, should it not be something like ch01s01.html ?


Fragment of generated target.db file below:


<div element="book" href=""#vhimComm"" number="" targetptr="vhimComm">



   <div element="chapter" href=""#overview"" number="1" targetptr="overview">


      <xreftext>1. <i>Overview</i>


      <div element="sect1" href=""#d5e67"" number="1.1">


         <xreftext>Section 1.1, “Introductionâ€</xreftext>


      <div element="sect1" href=""#prjSummary"" number="1.2" targetptr="prjSummary">

         <ttl>Project Summary</ttl>

         <xreftext>Section 1.2, “Project Summaryâ€</xreftext>

         <div element="sect2" href=""#purpScopeObj"" number="1.2.1" targetptr="purpScopeObj">

            <ttl>Purpose, Scope and Objectives</ttl>

            <xreftext>Section 1.2.1, “Purpose, Scope and Objectivesâ€</xreftext>

            <div element="sect3" href=""#d5e104"" number="">

               <ttl>Statement of Purpose</ttl>

               <xreftext>Section, “Statement of Purposeâ€</xreftext>



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