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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Olinking and Chunked HTML Transformations

I>> 'm getting a little confused.  You raised two different issues in your original mail.


1.  The hrefs being generated in your chunked output were of the form #id and did not contain the html filename.


2.  The olinkdb.xml file doesn't validate against common/targetdatabase.dtd.


I presume that your first response about commenting out all customizations was about your hrefs still being only of the #id form.  What happens when you process your document with the original DocBook html/chunk.xsl stylesheet?  Also, what does the target.db data have for the hrefs (if you are using olinks instead of xrefs)?  The target.db should have the html filenames as well as the #id part.  If not, then the problem is on the collection side, which must be done with the same stylehsheet processing the output.


Regarding the second item, it is actually the DTD that needs fixing.  The elements containing text have a content model of (#PCDATA), when they should all be ANY because there is no telling what kind of markup might be used in the text.  You might try changing a copy of the DTD to use ANY and see if validates then.<<



Href issue has been corrected (my bad); href’s work as expected.  


Regarding targetdatabase.dtd, will update content model, test, and advise


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