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Subject: Docbook toolchain tips

I am pushing my company to adopt Docbook as a "documentation
standard", but, of course, my (questionable) personal charme is not a
point good enough  to convince my colleagues and our senior

As speaking of semantics precision and separation of content from
format is not that a involving subject, the basic point I am making
out is the advantage of single-source documents.

On the other hand, I usually write my XML docs with a plain text
editor, I do not think many employees of ours are confident with
markup languages and would switch happily from MS Word to inputing
tagged text in an editor. I wonder if you can suggest some esy-to-use
authoring tool (I've already tried Sydoc) for Win32.

Furthermore, as a FO formatter, I am realizing FOP, while being more
than enough form my personal use, is far from flawless.
I have tested XSL Formatter and XEP, and I must say I like very much
the former for its speed and its neat output (I also understood it has
a very good standard compliance). I have also found on the web many
more tools I haven't tested yet, and I could not find any
comprehensive fo-support comparison chart, but one at
http://www.antennahouse.com/xslfo/comparison-fo.htm. Which of the
processors around are worth a try in your opinion?
My minimum requirements are good SVG support and a "predictable"
behavior (i.e. adhere quite strictly to w3c recommendations).


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