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Subject: Customising cross references in PDFs

Hi list,

I hope that this is the appropriate mailing list to ask about this sort of thing.

I'm using docbook xml + xsltproc + docbook-xsl (1.69.1, vaguely customised) +
fop (0.92beta) to build PDF files, and so far there are a few things I haven't
figured out how to do.

First of all, I've been looking at xrefs. At the moment, the cross references
are appearing like this: 'section #, "Title"'. I'd like them to look like this:
'chapter #, section #, "Title"'. Alternatively, I'd like a nice way to include a
page reference (currently, I only have achieved a page number reference like
this: '[#]', rather than something nice like this: 'page [#]').

It's quite a basic question I suspect, but I'm quite new to these things and
would appreciate any help you can give me.

Thanks in advance,


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