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Subject: How to translate several terms in docbook gentext xml file

Hi guys,

We are having trouble with some of the terms in docbook gentext xml
file, so I would like to ask about several of them:

1. On capital letters:
There are lots of keys spelled with a capital and a small letter:
abstract, answer, appendix, etc.
Now the original tag in docbook are all lowercase. What is the
difference then? When is the capital letter version used and when the
lowercase version? Is there a special kind of XSLT magic going on?

2. ProductionSet means - a set of Bachus-Naur productions? Am I right?
Why has none of the translators translated it like this?

3. Taking a look at
Why is there no colon in the English version here:

<gentext key="Editedby" text="Edited by"/>
<gentext key="editedby" text="Edited by"/>

While there is colon in the English version here:

<gentext key="Revisedby" text="Revised by: "/>
<gentext key="revisedby" text="Revised by: "/>

These two look very similar?

4. When do these tags appear in the original docbook:
<gentext key="above"         text="above"/>
<gentext key="below"         text="below"/>

5. What is the difference between all of these (see also or see)

<gentext key="GlossSee" text="Вж."/>
<gentext key="glosssee" text="вж."/>
<gentext key="GlossSeeAlso" text="Вж. също"/>
<gentext key="glossseealso" text="вж. също"/>
<gentext key="RefSection" text="Виж по-точно в"/>
<gentext key="refsection" text="виж по-точно в"/>
<gentext key="see" text="вж."/>
<gentext key="See" text="Вж."/>
<gentext key="seealso" text="вж. също"/>
<gentext key="Seealso" text="Вж. също"/>
<gentext key="SeeAlso" text="Вж. също"/>

6. By the way - a preview (not the final version of the updated Bulgarian translation of bg.xml) is available here:
A nicer view with history of the changes is available here:

Kind regards:

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