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Subject: Re: DocBook on Cocoon (Windows) Howto?

From Chris Chiasson:
Cocoon gets instructions from an xmap file, whose suggested contents
may be seen in the url you linked. It is meant to receive a url
request from Apache Tomcat, and pattern match it. Once a match is
found, it runs the transformations described by the map:transform
element (this is where you would handle profiling, by specifying an
appropriate xsl customization layer) by calling Ant tasks. Apparently,
it needs to also "serialize" the output (which must mean diddly squat
for everything except fo to pdf).
Thanks Chris!  That clears up some of my confusion. But I really would like to configure Cocoon/Tomcat to serve my company's documentation. Part of the reason is that I've applied four profile arguments against our installation guide to accommodate the various supported software configurations. To generate the various versions of the doc, I have to run 78 batch files containing the xsltproc and fop scripts. Now, some managers want to add *more* profiles to the mix. Maintaining all of those batch files is starting to become painful. <g> I feel comfortable adding a warning to the main documentation page stating that users will have to wait a minute or two (or three) for the site to publish their requested document. I'd also give them the option to generate a (relatively quicker) HTML version of the document.
It sounds like I really only have to modify a Cocoon xmap (or sitemap) file to point to the XSL stylesheets. Am I oversimplifying?  I've read the Cocoon site instructions for configuring the sitemap file several times, but they haven't clicked yet. If anyone here has configured Cocoon on Windows to support DocBook, would you send me a few pointers?
Mark Peters

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