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Subject: DocBook Maven Plugin


With JavaOne around the corner, I figured it would be good time to make some announcements, aka shameless advertising.

For those of you who are not completely satisfied by the kind of DocBook support that Maven has on board, or the Mojo at mojo.codehaus.org, here's a chance to try something different.

I just pushed a version from my own personal DocBook supporting plugin to the Maven repository at http://agilejava.com/maven/ (which is - contrary to what you might expect from it by its name - a Maven 2 repository).

Being the father of this baby, I am of course convinced that it has some nice distinguishing features, including:
  1. Based on the DocBook XSL stylesheets, however...
  2. Completely self-contained; you don't need to install the DocBook XSL stylesheets on your system. You don't even need to have the DTD's on your system, and you can run the plugin if you are offline. Everything will be downloaded automatically, using Maven's repository mechanisms.
  3. Dedicated configuration support for a huge collection of properties to influence the transformation. (In fact, it has dedicated properties for all XSL parameters documented in the DocBook XSL distribution.)
  4. It has been built using a dedicated Maven plugin to generate DocBook Maven plugins.
Feel free to give it a try. And read more about it on my web log: http://agilejava.com/blog/



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