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Subject: Re: xsl-region-body errors from fop when double.sided=1

Hi Bob, thanks for replying again!

Bob Stayton <bobs <at> sagehill.net> writes:

> For FOP 0.9, you will need to try out the snapshot build, because 1.69.1 
> doesn't really work with it.
> When you use the snapshot build, you set the fop1.extensions parameter to 1 
> instead of the fop.extensions parameter.  Then it does the right bookmarks 
> for that version of FOP.

Ok, I tried this, but it still doesn't work with double-sided! To be honest, I'm
not too bothered about bookmarks, so it might be worth my while going back to
1.68, which worked fine!

> You see the error with double-sided because that kind of output generates a 
> blank page if needed so each chapter ends on an even-numbered page.

Yeah, I like the blank page behaviour, but not at the cost of not being able to
build PDFs! Is it possible this is a bug in the stylesheets somewhere? Surely
they should work in theory with double-sided?

For reference, here is the error I get with fop1.extensions and the snapshot


Thanks for any further help that you can give me!


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