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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] ANNOUNCE: DocBook XSL 1.70.0 released

Euis Luhuanam <eluhu6@gmail.com> writes:

> Michael(tm) Smith wrote:
> >Version 1.70.0 of the DocBook XSL stylesheets is now available [...]
> Thank you very much for the announcement.
> I would like to know, about how this effect a lay Ubuntu user.
> Should I wait until DocBook XSL 1.70.0 is packaged ?

Distro packagers may want to hold off on packaging 1.70.0 and just
wait for 1.70.1 instead. So it may take a bit of time before
distro packages are available.

> Or, should I copy it somewhere into /usr/local/share/ ?

You can download it and save it anywhere you want, and then run
the install.sh file in the DocBook XSL stylesheets distribution to
update your XML catalog environment. Later, if/when you want to
unwind the changes, you can do so by running the uninstall.sh
file. That will restore your catalog environment to whatever state
it was in before you ran the install.sh file.



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