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Subject: [docbook-apps] chunking and chunkfast

I am upgrading docbook xsl stylesheets from a pre-version 1.56 to 1.69.1 and I came upon a timing issue with my builds.  My biggest build went from 4 hours to 9 hours. This is unacceptable so I started to do some digging and discovered the chunking was reworked at 1.56.  Turning on the chunkfast parameter does not seem to be working. 


Does anyone have a working example of how to set up the stylesheets for chunkfast?  There is an example in Docbook XSL: The complete guide but it does not seem to address chunkfast in the example.


I also found a statement that says the new chunking is now a two step process.  Is there anyway to get around this to try and save time?





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