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Subject: customizing docbook and generating toc


I'm really excited that I've gotten so far on my own as to doing this, but
I'm really stuck on one thing.

This is what I've done so far: I have created and am using my own elements
(productcatalog, product, versions) in place of docbooks elements (book,
chapter,section respectively):

<productcatalog> (root element of the xml)
	<product id=skuofproduct>

I'm able to use the chucking algorithm of docbook successfully to chunk at
the product level. Each page is appropriately named after the ID of the
product (which happens to be the sku)

The one difficulty I'm still having is:

1) How can I generate a TOC of these new "sections"? Currently my index.html
page comes up empty. is there a parameter ? I already have:

	<xsl:param name="generate.toc">
	product  toc,title

 am I missing a template of some sort of mode or something?

If you can just point me to the stylesheets/templates I need to modify that
would be great. I'm at a lost.

Thank you!!!


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