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Subject: Re: 2 problems with pdfs

Hi Michèle,

Michèle Garoche <michele.garoche <at> easyconnect.fr> writes:
> For problem 1 the only workaround I know of is to rewrite the text so  
> that the page number be part of the line where it occurs, but even  
> then, it is not perfect. It may be that the latest stylesheets in cvs  
> solves it, though I have not tried it yet.

Thanks for replying!

This is basically a showstopper bug for me right now, we can't release pdfs to
be printed with mangled cross reference text. And I can't rewrite the text,
because it applies to loads of different guides, in loads of languages. Is this
a fop bug, or a stylesheet problem? It doesn't seem to occur with all cross
references, only a few.

> For problem 3, no solution apart from no margin at all.

There *must* be a solution to this (the problem is that with double.sided the
page numbers on the left hand side aren't aligned with the left hand margin),
because if I import the 1.68 stylesheets, rather than 1.69.1 or snapshot, it
doesn't happen. I don't have enough experience to figure out what the problem is


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