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Subject: Initial page numbering for book chapter?

While in docbook-xsl stylesheet 1.69.1 the page numbering was  
reinitialized to 1 for the first chapter in a book, it is no more in  
docbook-xsl stylesheet 1.70.1.

Is it the intended behaviour or does a parameter exist to change it  
back to the 1.69.1 behaviour?
Or should I just reinsert the contents of 1.69.1 stylesheets for this  

Ideally, the sequence would be like this:

book titlepages: no numbering
toc: numbering i beginning with i, ending with say viii
preface: beginning with ix ending with say xii
(other pre-contents pages such as introduction same as preface  
continuing the numbering)
chapter: numbering 1 beginning with 1 (as it was with 1.69.1) and not  
13 (as it is with 1.70.1)

Thanks in advance for any help.




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