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Subject: Corrupted PDF

All -

I seem to have reached some limit with a large document. The output is a large 6.5MB PDF. When you attempt to open it Acroread (or any other PDF reader) complains that the PDF is corrupt and it cannot be repaired. This started happening after I added a new section to the document that was not all that large. The following is my environment.

OS: Fedora Core 5 with the latest updates applied
Input document:  XML using v4.2 of the DTD
Output document: PDF
Stylesheet: DSSSL 1.79 with a small driver style sheet to enable section numbering
Command:  docbook2pdf -d ../shared/oorexx.dsl rexxref.sgml

There are no error or warning messages produced during the transformation.

If anyone has an idea of what I need to modify in order to create a valid PDF please let me know.

W. David Ashley
IBM Linux Technology Center
Linux Installation & Open Object Rexx Teams
IBM Phone: 512-838-0609 T/L 678-0609
Mobile Phone: 512-289-7506

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