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Subject: How to use revhistory new attributes?


I try to use revhistory.table.cell.properties to get the generated  
Revision text and the revision number in bold face.

Obviously I did not understand how it works, as I cannot get it.

Is it possible at all? And if it is, how to do it?

To say the context, there are two places where  I have revhistory in  
the book, first in the verso title page of the book, with revremark  
(for revisions of the book). Second inside a para in an appendix with  
revdescription (for revisions of the software the book describes).

I've used revhistory.title.properties to get the title bold and  
center and it works in both places.

But none of the others revhistory.table.properties and  
revhistory.table.cell.properties work.

I can get the revnumber bold in the second place if I use an  
fo:inline block with bold attribute on revnumber.

I use xsltproc, fop 0.25, and docbook-xsl 1.70.1, docbook dtd 4.4/

Thanks for any hints.




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