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Subject: figure title.placement and figure TOC

I'm writing a DocBook with a lot of figures (images). Every figure has a title which is placed on the top of the figure itself. Sometimes the remaining space at the outputed PDF-page not being enough for the title of the figure and the figure itself. So the title is placed on this page and the figure on the next page. Is there a chance to put title and figure together, so that both is at the next page in the same order. I know I can change the formal.title.placement of figure to after to get what I want. But the other way would please me better.

The other question is: How to make a TOC for figures? There is generated a TOC for every section in my article-DocBook. It would be very nice, if there were a chance to get a List of all figures are found in the created DocBook Document. Setting the parameter generate.toc to  article   toc,title,figure doesn't work.


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