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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Towards easier stylesheet customizations


maybe i am wrong, but i think there is an application available that 
does exactly the same as Camille wrote. the application provides a 
graphical user interface for modifying existing customization layers 
based on the docbook stylesheets.

i did not rememder the location but i can provide you the application's 
name so you can search for it.

the name is DBXSLcfg_0.5.4_1672 with an included 
DocBookXSLConfigurator.jar file representing the application.

as far as i tested the application, it does not include all of the 
parameters specified.

hope this is some help.

best regards


Camille Bégnis schrieb:
> Hash: SHA1
> Oh great :-)
> Can I assume this will be published as Free software?
> Camille.
> Jirka Kosek a écrit :
>> Camille Bégnis wrote:
>>> To close this mail a few questions:
>>> - - Is all this making sense at all?
>> Yes.
>>> - - Should it be implemented, do stylesheet developers think it could be
>>> integrated into current stylesheets distribution? Would you be willing
>>> to maintain this system for future stylesheets modifications?
>> One student of my coleague from University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is
>> doing excatly this as a master thesis. If she will successfully finish
>> it, there will be graphical application that will let you load and save
>> existing stylesheets customization and set majority of parameters using
>> dialogs similar to common word processing applications. If there will be
>> need to store more information for respective parameters (like
>> enumerations of available values), they will be added to the DocBook
>> stylesheets.
>> I will let you know once this application will be available.
>>             Jirka
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