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Subject: images scaled down and centred in pdf-representation


I am currently working on a document which contains a lot of images 
(figures) with variable/different sizes. A pdf-representation of the 
document including all images scaled and centred accordingly should then 
be generated automatically.
The problem is that the images have different sizes where some images 
are smaller than the page width (A4) and others are bigger. My question is:

- Is there a possibility to tell the fo-processor to scale an image down 
to the width of the page, if it is bigger; if am image is smaller than 
the page-width, leave it as it is.
- How can I specify to centre the images?

I am working with docbook 4.4; docbook-xsl 1.70.1; fop 0.92beta; Java 1.5.

Thanks for any help.


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