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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Article titlepage like for book

Hi again,

thanks a lot! Just wanted to confirm that wrapping the article element
within a book does exactly what I was looking for. Perfect.


>>> "Bob Stayton" said:
 >> There might be an easier way, though. Wrap your article element in a book 
 >> element, and move the title info from articleinfo to bookinfo.  That would 
 >> leave your article element containing only the body content, which is 
 >> valid.  Since this is processed as a book, you will get the book titlepage, 
 >> both recto and verso sides.
 >> <book>
 >> <bookinfo>
 >> <title>etc.</title>
 >> </bookinfo>
 >> <article>
 >> <para>First content of the article.</para>
 >> etc.
 >> </article>
 >> </book>

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