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Subject: Changing the filenames exported from the chunk.xsl?


I'm trying to build a platform for displaying docbook in HTML.  The
statis HTML won't work for me.  Right now I'm using the XSL
stylesheets to export docbook to XHTML.  The problem is that my
platform doesn't really understand anything about the URLs that
docbook exports.  So if I'm displaying ch01.html I have no idea what
the next page is.

Is there a way to alert the algorithm to the XSL so that it will chunk
something like page1.html, page2.html, etc?  I also need a way to
figure out which file is the TOC too.  Something like if my XSL
customizations would export a toc.html file for the book.

If this is too hard what about creating a XSL customization that could
write out a sort of catalog file that could answer these questions for
me.  For example, say I chunk a book into several HTML files, and part
of the output would include a catalog.xml file that would list the
table content's filename, the html filenames in sequential order or
something like that.


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