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Subject: docbook tools for "proposal writing" and "proposal management"

Hello All!

I am completely new to the docbook schema but I think it is a great
schema.  I am interested in knowing if anyone has used to write large
proposals for business opportunities (government or commercial).  Any
tools used, experience, or suggestions?

Also, I am looking for ways to use docbook as a means to somehow provide
organization to my proposals when one proposal is being written by many
authors.  For example, let's say I have 1 proposal that I am managing and
and are 5 authors writing their piece of the proposal.  These authors
usually will be writing in MS Word (but the final production will be by
some other means).  How can I use docbook so that the 5 authors (maybe 
more) can provide the same style of organizations to their write-ups 
(using MS Word)?  Whatis is the best way to combine these separate docs 
for production and what is the best way to produce the final proposal for 
print.  Any assistance will be appreciated!!!  Thanks!

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