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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Changing the filenames exported from the chunk .xsl?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Charlie Hubbard

> The trouble I'm having is that docbook wants to compile the pages into
> XHTML so it needs all that information at compile time.  I'm trying to
> combine information at runtime that is not available at compile time
> of the docbook XML.  To do that I have to parse the XHTML at runtime
> and add my information to the compiled XHTML that the docbook XSL
> outputs. I need something like what manifest.xsl does today, but a
> little more structure (maybe as XML) to identify what page is the
> start and which page is next and previous given the name of a page,
> etc.  How would I modify manifest templates to output those
> relationships?

From the above it seems that you could use some variation of the maketoc.xsl
stylesheet, which outputs an XML file with the TOC structure. See

But it is still unclear exactly what you want to do. What is this runtime
information that you are adding to the XHTML files?


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