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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Entity newbie question

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Andreas Kehlenbach 

> I compiled my xml file with saxon and it works fine, but if i 
> direct opened the xml-file with the Internet Explorer i get 
> the following error:
> Der Wert des Attributs 'lang' kann nicht 'concat(/*/@lang, 
> /*/@xml:lang)' sein. Fehler beim Kompilieren des enthaltenen o...

I think I can help with this. I got similar error messages when I tried to
use the "kosek" indexing method with Xalan 2.7.0. As far as I can tell, the
solution for problem 1 below also helps when you use Internet Explorer and
the "english" indexing method.

There are two problems related to Xalan:

1. The first problem is the 'lang' entity (which is used only by the
"kimber" method, btw). Xalan complains about an illegal value for the 'lang'
attribute on <xsl:sort>:

file:/c:/doctypes/docbook/xsl/html/autoidx.xsl; Line #345; Column #67; XSLT
Error (javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException):
javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: Illegal value: concat(/*/@lang,
/*/@xml:lang) used for NMTOKEN attribute: lang 

Adding curly braces, lang="{&lang;}", makes Xalan happy again. So far so

However, removing the 'lang' attributes altogether seems to be a better
solution. The reason: it makes the "kimber" method work correctly for
Swedish (and probably for other languages, but I haven't tested that). With
these attributes still in the stylesheet, the collation of index entries
beginning with accented characters (, , ) is not correct.

2. The second problem is the old function-available(exslt:node-set) bug

file:/c:/doctypes/docbook/xsl/html/autoidx.xsl; Line #226; Column #34;
ERROR: the 'kosek' index method requires the exslt:node-set() function. Use
a processor that has it, or use a different index method.

This can be worked around by modifying the test for exslt:node-set:

<xsl:if test="not(function-available('exslt:node-set') or


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