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Subject: Re: Recursive entity reference "%ISOamsa" error

Never mind. I was missing an end-tag in my DOCTYPE declaration. D'oh!


On 7/14/06, Mark Peters <flickrmeister@gmail.com> wrote:
> Update:
> I manually translated all of my entity references, one by one,
> applying the stylesheet after translating each entity. Currently, my
> XML file contains no entities -- no declarations, no entities in the
> document content. But I'm still encountering the "Recursive entity
> reference "%ISOamsa" error.
> I tried removing the DOCTYPE declaration from my XML document, with
> the same result. So now I'm baffled. If my XSLT processor is
> complaining because it can't parse my document with its entity
> references -- but there *aren't* any entity references -- then
> something else must be going on.
> I appreciate any input you can provide. I'll keep at it.
> Mark


Mark Peters
Senior Technical Writer
Saba Software

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