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Subject: XML 2.0 released for jedit

The new XML 2.0 plugin for jEdit released today includes the Docbook
4.2 DTD, but will validate against any DTD or XML schema. It
recognizes OASIS catalog files, and provides completion for elements
and attributes, in XML, HTML, and CSS. And it also has a javascript
structure browser too.

The XML Plugin, Sidekick, and jEdit are all written in Java, and
available under the gnu open source license, from www.jedit.org.

Version 2.0 Requires jEdit 4.3pre5, Java 1.5, ErrorList
1.4, SideKick 0.6.3 and XercesPlugin 2.8.0.

* XML plugin now includes HtmlSideKick 0.5,
JavaScriptSideKick 0.4, and CssSideKick (initial release).

Version 1.0 Requires jEdit 4.3pre5, Java 1.4, ErrorList
1.4, SideKick 0.6.3 and XercesPlugin 2.8.0.

* Match tag also matches brackets.
* Added separate caching option for
CatalogManager, clarified some of the options.
* Error messages from files in the catalog
manager are now being reported from the correct local
* Added option to popup (or not) edit tag
dialog after completion.
* Bug # 1511997 - Abstract elements defined in
xsd (e.g. list.class, para.class from docbook xsd) are
now handled properly in completions and element lists.
* Patch # 1511588 - Fixed xml insert
* XSD completion info fixes #1511612 (will69)
* Removed registration of SAXParserFactory.
This should help avoid clashing with other plugins that
use SAXParserFactory.
* Removed use of gnu.regexp in favor of

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