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Subject: problems with olinks and dbhtml dir

I have a modular book, and I am trying to make a chunk xhtml out of
it, but I have some problems with the dbhtml dir instruction.

the xml sitemap is:

   |------- book.xml
   |------- chapter01
   |              |------ chapter01.xml
   |              |------ article0101.xml
   |              |------ article0102.xml
   |------- chapter02
   |              |------ chapter02.xml
   |              |------ article0201.xml
   |              |------ article0202.xml

Each article is a separate xml file and the each chapterxy.xml
xincludes its articles.

I want a chunk xhtml output with the same directory structure, so, for
each chapter xy I have:
<chapter><?dbhtml dir="chapterxy" ?>

The target database for chunk xhtml is:
		<dir name="xhtml">
			<document targetdoc="index">&targets;</document>
			<dir name="chapter01">
				<document targetdoc="ch01art01">&targets;</document>
				<document targetdoc="ch01art02">&targets;</document>
			<dir name="chapter02">
				<document targetdoc="ch02art01">&targets;</document>

Now, the problem is that, when I point to an article in chapter02 from
an article in chapter01, i.e. <olink targetdoc="ch02art01"
targetptr="foo">chapter 2.1</olink>
the link i get in my xhtml output output is:
  <a href="chapter02/article0201.html#foo">
while I would expect:
  <a href="../chapter02/article0201.html#foo">

The command I use to generate the target.db is:

xsltproc  --xinclude    --stringparam  collect.xref.targets  "only"  \
    xhtml/chunk.xsl  book.xml

while I generate my chunk xhtml with:

xsltproc  --xinclude \
   --stringparam target.database.document "olinkdb.xml" \
   --stringparam current.docid "index" \
   xhtml/chunk.xsl  book.xml

if I put all my html output in the same directory I have no problems,
but the directory itself becomes a mess.
What am I doing wrong?


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