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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Questions about DocBook 5.x

Hello Jirka,

Many thanks for your input. I've been working on what you suggested and 
doing the customization in RELAX NG.

Can you tell me what tool(s)  in the DocBook repository I should be 
using to convert the RELAX NG schema into a DTD and W3C XML Schema?

Many thanks,
Ellyn Larson

Jirka Kosek wrote:

> Ellyn Larson wrote:
>> Questions:
>> --------------
>> 1) In a general view, would you recommend jumping into 5.x now? I
>> realise that the DTD/Schema versions are "not normative". How "not
>> normative" are they -- scale of 1 (being MSXML) to 5 (being a strong
>> parser)?
> "Non normative" means that they are still under the development. But 
> if you look into changes made in V5 schema during the last year, you 
> will find that these are minor changes usually in a not very commonly 
> used markup.
> I don't think that any element/attribute will be removed or renamed in 
> V5 schema before it will get "official" status.
> For the last 9 months I use DocBook V5 when building new documentation 
> solution for my customers, because risk of changes in schema is very 
> low and benefits of faster (and thus cheaper) development of schema 
> customizations are clearly bigger.
>> 2) Is it reasonable to think we can integrate W3C MathML 2.0 DTD with
>> DocBook 5.x?  I have some problems with "XLINK.prefix" and would rather
>> know if it is "doable" before I dive in. BTW, it would not be a bad idea
>> to include in the documentation "Extending the DocBook DTD with the
>> MathML DTD".
> It should be doable, but I don't think it is worth doing. It should be 
> easier to create such customization in RELAX NG (it is here already) 
> and then use build tools in DocBook repository to convert this RELAX 
> NG schema into DTD. (Please note that you can't use Trang for this, 
> because Trang produces incorrect DTD from DocBook V5 RELAX NG schema.)

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