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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] toc.margin.properties, end-indent, no affect

Thanks Bob, 

> The end-indent value adds a right margin for all lines, and the 
> last-line-end-indent adds a negative value to cancel it out for the last 
> line.  That way if a toc line is long and wraps, the first line does not 
> intrude into the space reserved for the page numbers.  You would need:
>  <fo:block text-align-last="justify"
>            end-indent="2.5in + {$toc.indent.width}pt"
>            last-line-end-indent="-{$toc.indent.width}pt">

That works. I copied the example toc.line template from your book and 
added an 
  end-indent="1.0in + {$toc.indent.width}pt"
line to its enclosed <fo:block . . . > element. That end-indent setting 
controls the right indent for both the TOC and the LOTs (List of Tables, 
List of Figures, etc.).

Can you tell me how to control the start-indent for LOTs, and would the 
DocBook XSL FO stylesheets benefit from an lot.line template? I ask because 
it seems that some of the TOC and LOT formatting is mixed in the same code 
and some is not. I'm not sure. Here's what I found. 

I am using
  <xsl:attribute name="start-indent">0.0in</xsl:attribute> 
within a toc.margin.properties attribute-set to temporarily negate the 
body.start.indent value for formatting lines in the TOC. But that setting only 
overrides the start-indent value for TOC lines, not LOT lines. 

Since an end-indent value within the toc.line template's <fo:block . . . >
worked to set the end-indent on both the TOC and LOTs, I tried a
value in the same <fo:block . . . > in an effort to set the start-indent for  
both the TOC and LOTs. That has an affect, but it is not what I expected. It 
does move the LOTs' lines to the left margin, but it also neutralizes the 
indenting on the TOC's lines for each sub-section and sub-sub-section. All 
the TOC's lines get moved to the left margin.

An attempt to summarize:
I've got the right-hand indent set corectly and working for lines in both the 
TOC and the LOTs. Now, I want to neutralize the body.start.indent value that 
apparently gets applied to both. I can neutralize the body.start.indent value 
for TOCs with a toc.margin.properties attribute-set child element of 
  <xsl:attribute name="start-indent">0.0in</xsl:attribute>
Good so far, but how do I do the same for LOTs without destroying the TOC's 
indenting of lines for sub-sections and sub-sub-sections?


Steve Whitlatch

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