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Subject: Generating a toc.xml using eclipse.xsl

I'm using the eclipse.xsl stylesheet to generate a toc.xml file for an Eclipse help plugin. My source docbook XML files contain several books, which I've merged into one book.xml file that defines several embedded book elements and their entitities. I've succeeded in generating one master toc.xml file. In my customized version of the eclipse.xsl, I set the base.dir parameter to be "html", so all my HTML files are generated into a child directory of html/ that corresponds to the particular book name. However, in my generated toc.xml file, all hrefs are of the form html/filename.html. I need the stylesheet to generate hrefs of the form html/bookdirname/filename. How can I modify eclipse.xsl to generate the correct href format, or do I need to modify my source XML files?

Should I be setting the base.dir param at all? Is there a way to concatenate the base.dir with the parent node of the filename?

Note that I use the "<?dbhtml filename="bookdirname/filename.html"?>" chunking mechanism to specify the output file for each section.

Christine Doyle

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