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Subject: Complete Docbook XML + MathML => XHTML + MathML toolchain? + choice of stylesheet

    Is anyone aware of prepackaged RPMs for dbmathml.dtd, including
appropriate catalog updates, for Fedora Core 5 or Mandriva Linux? Both
OSes have the base docbook DTDs and XSLT stylesheet distributions nicely
packaged, but for some reason this does not seem to be included.

    Also - when going from Docbook+MathML to XHTML+MathML, which of the
stylesheets would be most appropriate? xhtml/docbook.xsl run on
testmath.html through xsltproc *works*, but the output does not render
nicely in Firefox 1.5 (although I've found plenty of other XHTML+MathML
documents which do, so it's probably not a browser problem).


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