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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Base URI for result of transformation?

Bob Stayton wrote:
> Hi Tony,
> The general behavior in XML is that a relative URL is taken as relative
> to the xml:base of the element containing the reference.  If there is no
> xml:base attribute, then it is taken as relative to the document
> containing the reference.  In the case of url('...') in an FO document,
> then the XSL-FO processor takes it as relative to the location of the FO
> document, not the XML source, for which it has no knowledge.

Right. But doesn't that imply that the xml -> xsl-fo stylesheets need to
inject xml:base attributes whereever relative URLs are used such that
the xsl-fo processor can still find the involved files ?

> If you aren't using XInclude and you are using fileref (not entityref),
> then the DocBook FO stylesheet just copies the fileref out to the FO
> file, and the XSL-FO processor has to deal with that path.  So if your
> main document uses system entities to build its content from the
> modules, then any filerefs are not altered as they are copied to the FO.

FWIW, the documents being talked about here are all from the docbook-testdocs



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