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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] [SPAM] Background Color declared in DocBook XML not visible in PDF

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Darya Said-Akbari 
> <entry>
>   <mediaobject>
>     <imageobject>
>       <?dbfo background-color="#c0c0c0"?>
>       <imagedata fileref="png_64\annealing.png"
> format="PNG" align="center"/>
>     </imageobject>
>   </mediaobject>
> </entry>
> I translate this DocBook XML with Saxon (v6.5.5) into
> FO and thenafter with FOP (v0.20.5) into PDF. 
> Unfortunately, the background color of the PNG image
> in PDF is black and not grey as pretended to be.

What happens if you tweak the sizes for content and viewport using the
'contentwidth', 'contentdepth', 'width', and 'depth' attributes? 

But whatever you do, it will probably not work anyway since FOP 0.20.5 does
not support the content-width and content-height properties (see


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