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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: man page output

Sam Steingold <sds@podval.org>, 2006-08-19 23:46 -0400:

> >>        Bruno Haible
> >> 
> >>           Author.
> well, I think "Author." is a rather dumb default.

The reason the "Author." shows up there is that your source does
not contain an authorblurb or personblurb or contrib instance that
describes what role Bruno had in the development of the document.
If you add a blurb that says "Wrote the first version of the
documentation" (or whatever), that "Author." part will disappear
and be replaced by the contents of the blurb.

The AUTHORS section can actually contain information about editors
and other contributors, not just authors.

In the case of an Editor instance that lacks a personblurb or
contrib, "Editor." (or its localized equivalent) will show up in
place of "Author."

In the case of an Othercredit instance, the value of the class
attribute on the Othercredit is used. So it will say "Copy
Editor.", "Graphic Designer.", "Production Editor.", "Technical
Editor.", or "Translator." (or their localized equivalents).

> I would have expected there _all_ the information about the author that
> is available rather than a default.

Your source doesn't contain any information about your authors
other than the author name and address/otheraddr/ulink instances
that are empty except for a having values on the url attributes.
The stylesheets weren't checking for those ulink instances because
I had not anticipated the case where somebody might want to have a
URL listed for an author instead of, or in addition to, the e-mail
address for the author. But I've now added support for it, so if
you test with the latest snapshot, I think it should work for you
as expected.



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