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Subject: [SPAM] Re: [docbook-apps] [SPAM] Background Color declared in DocBook XML not visible in PDF

The image is transparent. Here is what I try now:

    <?dbhtml bgcolor="#E8E8E8"?>
    <?dbfo bgcolor="#F8F6A3"?>
        <imagedata fileref="png_64\annealing.png"
format="PNG" align="center"/>

This make the background color for the table cell but
the image keeps a black background.

Any more hints?


--- bobs@sagehill.net schrieb:

> This is most likely a FOP problem. 
> When I test your example with XEP, I see no
> background color (at least with 
> an opaque image).  That because the width and
> content-width properties are 
> set to auto when those attributes are not in the
> source.  This means the 
> image and its viewport are the same size, and the
> image will cover the 
> entire viewport and no background color is visible.
> But FOP 0.20.5 doesn't support content-width
> properties, so you won't see 
> the effect anyway.
> Is your image transparent?
> You'll probably have better luck 
> putting the background color on the table entry
> rather than the imagedata. 
> The processing instruction attribute for table cells
> is bgcolor instead of 
> background-color.
> Bob Stayton
> Sagehill Enterprises
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