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Subject: [SPAM] What is best practize to convert MS Word into PDF through DocBook XSL?


I experimented the last days with DocBook XML and XSL
and I must say that with Bob Stayton's guide (I have
ordered a copy for our company) it's really making

However, I must admit that I created a clean DocBook
XML from Norm Walsh's examples. And both DocBook XML
and DocBook XSL work wonderful with each other.

But reality looks different. You don't have that
superb DocBook XML document at first. What you have
instead is e.g. a MS Word document which you first
need to transform into a DocBook XML document.

And this is a challenging task. I tried OpenOffice
2.0.3 Writer (OOo) as my front end which allow MS Word
documents to be exported into DocBook XML. The result
however is very poor. Extracting graphics was a
problem. But a far bigger problem with OOo (and I
didn't solve that one yet) is that it uses only 10% of
the DocBook XML elements. Everything goes into <para>
and hence I can't use all the DocBook XSL goodies.

Does anyone else has made the same experience? How do
you get around with it? Is there another way to fill
the gap between MS Word and DocBook XML instead of
using OOo. 

Of course only a non-commercial solution is acceptable



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