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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Re: Query: bug in <citation>#PCDATA</citation>

Ron Catterall wrote:

> "citation - An inline bibliographic reference to another published work"
> and "The content of a Citation is assumed to be a reference string, perhaps 
> identical to an abbreviation in an entry in a Bibliography." 
> http://docbook.org/tdg/en/html/citation.html
> Note the words "perhaps identical"

Based on word "perhaps", I can imagine that stylesheet will try to 
create link to corresponding biblioentry, and if there is no 
corresponding biblientry they will silently process content of citation 
element. This means that you will not see warning message when there is 
no corresponding biblioentry. Or we can parametrize behaviour of citation.

> tells me that <citation> accepts #PCDATA - I always understood this was any 
> parsed character data and had no other meaning within the DTD.

Meaning is always defined outside of DTD, and DTDs itself provide very 
little to supports more advanced datatyping and link constraints in 

> I take the point that  "citation - An inline bibliographic reference to another 
> published work" seems to imply a <biblioref or somesuch, but the formal 
> inclusion of #PCDATA in the Docbook DTD surely contradicts this?

No. You can create references (links) during processing and this is what 
HTML stylesheet tries to do.

>>> FO transformation to PDF with XEP 4.6 interprets the <citation>
>>> correctly - no warning or error messages, and no [ and ] wrapped around
>>> the citation.
>> Then this is bug in FO stylesheets that should be fixed.
> I'll query the XEP list on this.

Why XEP list? XEP has nothing to do with generating FO from DocBook 
sources. It only processes output of DocBook stylesheets. Simply use the 
following page to create bug report:


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