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Subject: inclusion of a cr/lf file inside a programlisting results in double spaced lines in my pdf

I should think this comes up whenever someone includes a text file
with windows EOL markers, but I wasn't able to find much in the
archives. Then again, Google's inurl: operator is broken right now,
and Yahoo ...

Right now, in my XHTML and HTML output, either the input was converted
to LF by the browser or by the transformation process, because it
looks correct. Strangely, about an hour ago - I was having the double
space problem in HTML, but in the course of diagnosing the problem it
went away (???).

I have tried xi:include href="blah.m" and textdata fileref="blah.m"
inside textobject. The xinclude generated the double space lines. The
textobject / textdata nesting actually generated an anchor (a) element
inside the pdf. Needless to say, the fo processor was not pleased.

Anyway, enough rambling. What do you people do when you want to
include a CR/LF terminated file into a PDF?


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