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Subject: What is best practice for keeping what information in what DocBook file?

Hi all,

what is best practice for DocBook XSL stylesheets when
one want to handle his/her corporate documents, be it
a requirment specification, a user manual, a slide
presentation or any other corporate artefact.

Is it the goal to have ONE customized DocBook XSL
stylesheet for all kind of corporate documents?

Or is it the goal to create customized DocBook XSL
stylesheets for each kind of corporate document?

It's often that two parties are involved in a
document. You as the corporation AND the customer both
having their own information like a logo and a
copyright note which goes into the title page and/or
header and footer. What is best practice for keeping
this information? Is it the DocBook XML or the DocBook
XSL document? 

The way I've practiced so far, was to keep all content
in the DocBook XML file and use ONE customized DocBook
XSL which catch all those information from the DocBook

But a bitter taste is, that I carry some information
like the corporate or customer logo redundantly in
DocBook XML file. Any new DocBook XML document would
need to fill in these information. 

Doesn't such information belong to the style, because
it's so static? 

On the other hand that would mean that for each new
customer I had to create a separate customized DocBook
XSL stylesheet.

Any hints to clarify my confusion are welcome :)


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