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Subject: Deriving from DocBook schema


I have to define my own special purpose XML schema in Relax NG.
Because the XML files need to have some documentation in it, I
like to allow some DocBook constructs, so it would be most
convenient just to derive from it. In DTD, I did - successfully
the following in my own DTD:

<!ENTITY % local.para.class "|docu">
<!ENTITY % sDocBookDTD PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD Simplified DocBook XML V1.0//EN"
<!ELEMENT myelem (%textobject.mix;)*>

How would I do that (or something with similar effect) using
Relax NG based DocBook? Thanks in advance!

Btw. Relax NG is much nicer than DTD :-)

Best regards,
W. Borgert

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