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Subject: db5 xl:href in bibliographies

Is this supposed to generate links in any of the output formats yet?
Maybe I did it wrong. I put one of my biblioentries below for
reference. In the output (pdf, html, and xhtml), I don't see any
links. If this needs to be added to the stylesheet, could someone
please tell me the name of the template that handles xl:href?

	<biblioentry xml:id="MHEM">
		<abbrev xml:id="MHEM_abbrev">MHEM</abbrev>
		<title xl:href="http://eom.springer.de/";>Encyclopaedia of
		<biblioid class="isbn">1-4020-0609-8</biblioid>
			<publishername xl:href="http://springer.de";>
			<address><city>Berlin</city> <city>Heidelberg</city> <city>New


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